Just a Casual Bit of Weaving

What, you *don’t* do a bit of weaving when you’re visiting your parents in Vermont?

Well I guess I am at an advantage in that my mother is a highly accomplished hand weaver, so don’t feel bad.

I was finally able, after two years, to go back to Vermont and see my parents. And was extra lucky because my mother had a warp on this loom that had been there a while and wanted weaving off. It’s been a while since I did any weaving, but it’s like riding a bike in muscle memory retention is not in any other way.

I wove about 6 meters in maybe about as many hours of weaving. Thanksfully it wasn’t the fine-fine-finest gauge of cloth so it went pretty fast. I did most of it in tabby/plain weave and then switched to twill toward the end, even doing a bit of bonkers, eye watering zigzag for fun.

That picture does not do it justice; it is painful to look at (*beams proudly*).

I’ve just washed and cut it today, hemming it into tea towels in most cases, though I did make a replacement roller towel for the bathroom.

They’re a bit sketchy quality, since I am out of practice, there was a threading mistake we didn’t rectify, and above all, because I don’t care unless there’s a good reason to. I love them in all their slightly flawed brilliance.