About Me

Of course I don’t make everything, that would be absurd. But I have at least had a go at every art and craft I can think of, and I’m pretty good at a remarkable number of them.

I’m Grace. I grew up in a creative family in a creative town in Vermont. I began sewing and making cakes and sneaking into my dad’s workshop to play with power tools before I can remember. I am self-taught at every craft I know, though I have spent time with and learned from many other talented and skilled makers. For the most part, my knowledge comes from direct experience. I have made many, many mistakes and messes, and I aspire to always be fearless in my creativity. That said, I also highly value skill and quality. I am not a master of any trade, but I am a jack of more than I can count and I work hard to be good at them.

I am so confident in my ability to make things that in 2015 I embarked on designing and building my own house, which at times along the way has seemed like a horrifying overshot of my abilities, and has taught me all the humility that I could ever want. But I have more or less succeeded, and that house is now the base for my teaching, being large enough to accommodate guests and providing a dedicated makery room where all the tools and materials are easily to hand.

I am an exprienced teacher, having worked in Technology and Digital Design Education, as well as teaching arts, crafts and dance all my life. My teaching approach is structured but flexible. I am always prepared to steer learners in the important directions, but am equally open to learner-led exploration based teaching.