Ok, so this is not really new news, but I dug out one of my custom made super-supportive, shapewear swimming costumes the weekend while the heatwave gave me the very un-british opportunity to go wild swimming.

This baby is so far above any expectations the world had led me to believe I should have.

Let me explain. I am not a small person. And, though I fight them tooth and claw, I have all the insecurities of a middle aged woman of girth when it comes to swimwear. Particularly, the fact that I’m a 34F and they’re not, erm… naturally perky… meant that all swimwear made me look like a loaf. Screw that.

So I took an old bra, some lycra fabric and elastic and went to work. The result is a tankini (it’s two piece because seriously, whoever invented the one piece never needed a wee while wearing one) that fits me as I want it to, fully covers my not-small bum, fully supports my not-small boobs and is comfy and flattering on the rest of not-small me. This one is more of a comfort model, but I’ve also made hefty shapewear versions, for when I want to pretend I’m just that toned. Ha.

I’ve recently made a bikini for a friend using the same model and it went super well, so I’m going to be offering a design and make your own swimwear course in the future. Probably not til next year at this rate, but if you’re interested, by all means get in touch!

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