Pre-Course Info – Shirt Making

Before you attend the Shirt In A Day course, I’ll need to draft you a pattern to cut your shirt from on the day. To do that, I’ll need some measurements. These can be taken from the body that will wear the shirt (preferably by another person, but do your best), or from a shirt that the person already has that fits well.

Measurements from a body

Take the following eight measurements in cm:

Neck – along the line you’d expect the neck of a fully buttoned up shirt to fall.

Shoulder width – from the bony bit of one shoulder to the other, across the back. Be careful not to skew your posture if you are taking your own measurements.

Chest – around the widest part of the chest, usually level with the nipples.

Waist – at the narrowest point, usually around the navel.

Hips – At the widest point, usually midway down the bum.

Upper arm – at the widest point, with the arm hanging down.

Wrist – over the bony bit.

Sleeve length – from the bony bit of the shoulder to the place you want the cuff to end, usually just above the knuckles, with the arm hanging down.

Back length – from the point on the back of the neck where the collar will meet the shirt to the hem, usually around mid-bum but feel free to make it longer or shorter as you prefer.

If you take measurements from a body, I also need to know whether you want a skinny, medium or baggy fit.

People are all different. If you have any fun oddities about your posture or whatever, don’t forget to let me know.

Measurements from a shirt

If you’ve got a shirt* that fits well, you can take the measurements from it with the shirt lying spread out on a flat surface (i.e. not as I’ve drawn it above!)

Neck – around the base of the collar, the full length from end to end

Shoulder width – across the back, from the top of one shoulder to the top of the other.

Chest, Waist and Hips – measure across the buttoned-up shirt at your best estimation of these points and double the measurements. Make a note of whether your shirt has a bust dart or back darts and remember to tell me.

Upper arm – measure across the sleeve at the widest point and double the measurement.

Cuff – measure the buttoned-up cuff, laid flat, and double.

Arm length – from the top of the shoulder seam to the end of the cuff.

Back length – from the point where the collar meets the body down to the hem at the back.

* please note, this course is for a normal, straightforward men’s style shirt. A bust dart and back dart I can handle, but if your best loved shirt has princess seams or a fancy neckline or other loveliness that is not “just a shirt” it may not be suitable for reproducing on this course. I may still be able to use its measurements to make a pattern for a plain shirt though. Please ask if you’re unsure.

Please email me with all eight measurments and any questions or notes on fit, leaving me plenty of time before the course to draft your pattern.