Finding The Place

How to find Boggart Hall

Boggart Hall is about a 15 minute walk from the centre of Todmorden, easy to reach by train from Manchester or Leeds.

If you look at it on Google street view, you may see Stansfield Hall Nurseries where you expect to find Boggart Hall. Don’t worry, it’s just an old photo of the same place.

Walking from Todmorden station:

Walk down into town and find the market stalls. From there, go past the bus station, under the railway arches and turn right on Stansfield Rd. Follow that up a hill and around a bend and turn right on the little stub end of Wellington Rd which leads you to a foot bridge over the railway. Go on past the play area and as straight on as possible, you will see a long stone stairway. You can take that if you’re very fit, or go left up The Hollins and turn right at the top; they meet again and just a little further on, see a sign for Boggart Hall and a gate and gravel drive on the right.


Follow satnav or any other map system to The Mount, Todmorden. Be prepared for a steep climb on the Hollins followed by a sudden, sharp right onto an unlikely looking lane at the top. No shame in overshooting and doing a 3 point turn. Follow the unlikely lane round a left bend and Boggart Hall is on the right, through the gate and up the gravel track. Park anywhere.

If you are a nervous driver or don’t like reversing down gravel tracks or generally get grumpy at challenging driving conditions, you may prefer to leave your car on Stansfield Hall Road and walk up. Please don’t park on The Hollins or The Mount, as there’s not enough parking for the people who live there already.

The House:

Come to the big house, along the (possibly uneven and slightly muddy) foot path. You will want a torch if you arrive after dark; there are no lights between the parking and the house. The front door has a bell pull to the left of the door. Phone me on 07765 600102 if you get no answer, but I usually hear it.