Tweed Suit Making

Learn to make a three-piece suit from tweed (or any similar fabric).

The course will cover all skills necessary to create a custom fitted tweed suit consisting of trousers, a waistcoat and jacket.

We will start with a toile, made from cheap fabric, in order to perfect the fit before committing to the real thing! If you are not making it for yourself, be aware that without doing a fitting on the actual body, you may not get the absolute optimum fit. But you will still learn the skills to go and make another one that fits better when you’ve got the body in question to hand.

Each piece will be constructed using a cross between traditional and modern suit making methods. This is not Savile Row couture tailoring. We will not spend 3 days pad stitching. There are certain shortcuts that are very much worth taking. The suit will still look amazing. Don’t worry, we will definitely spend many happy hours doing hand finishing if you’re into that.

Fabric, lining fabric, buttons and thread are not provided, and must be brought to the course. Contact me for a cutting list. You can turn up a day early and we’ll go shopping for them if you are worried. All other materials, tools and machines are available for you to use (although you get a discount if you bring your own machine.)

Prerequisite skills:

  • You should know how to thread and use a normal domestic sewing machine.
  • You should be able to sew a straight or curved seam with a given seam allowance and have it turn out like you planned.
  • It would be helpful if you’d made a garment or two before, it doesn’t matter if they turned out well.
  • You need a good attitude! Things will go wrong. You will have to unpick something and possibly re-cut something. It’s ok, we’ll get there in the end.

Tuition is from 9:30 til 4:30 with breaks for tea and lunch, though to be honest, we’ll probably work in the evenings too. All meals are provided, funny diets are fine.

Email me for info about accommodation.

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