Corset with lacingA corset must be custom made to your shape if it is to be comfortable and wearable.

My corset-in-a-day course starts with drafting your own pattern for an underbust corset based on your measurements and body shape. We then go on to construct the corset, including coutil and outer fabric, bone channels, spiral wire bones, a steel busk and eyelet tape.

Because this course is so short, some shortcuts are taken, like using eyelet tape instead of setting eyelets,  and the cutting and capping of the bones is done by me before the course. However, we will go over how to do everything yourself and you’ll have a chance to try each skill.

You will leave with your own corset pattern, from which to make as many as you like, plus an understanding of all the parts and materials and where to get them. 

A corset pattern, materials and tools

My corset-in-a-weekend course has yet to be designed, but will cover things like bone cutting and capping, eyelet setting and lacing techniques in much more detail, as well as giving much more flexibility to pattern design and embellishment techniques.

happy, corseted people from the corset in a day course