I decided quite a long time ago that my atrium should be a gallery of sorts for an ever-revolving supply of crazy lampshades. These aren’t that crazy, but they are lampshades, and I think they are quite charming in their simplicity. Also they really suit the newly bright and light space.

As ever, I started with a bit of crap someone was throwing out. In this case a poly-cotton sheet I bought for a pound at a charity shop.

I did a rough design on paper to come up with the pattern and cut six panels for each of the seven lampshades.

I made the tassels from cotton thread that I bought for the purpose. One day I will make super-fancy tassels and dip dye them and all sorts. But these are quite plain. The hoops, necessary to keep them from collapsing, are made of basket cane.

The sewing did become quite monotonous, as you can imagine.

But the results are really pleasing. None of the pictures really do them justice, partly because it’s the way they move relative to each other and float in the space as you move around it that’s kind of dreamy.