So I learned to knit as an adult (as much of an adult as I’ll ever be).

In fact, I learned to knit about two years ago. I’m 44.

The nice thing about learning to knit in middle age is that, as a crafty person, I’d tried just about every other manually dextrous fiddly skill there was, so it came relatively easily. But I know a lady in my local knitting group who is older than me, way less manually dextrous/spacially fluent than me, who is knitting the most amazing, complicated garment. She’s been at it for 3 years, has frequent advice and remedial help from the more experienced knitters in the group, and almost certainly couldn’t knit even a simple thing on her own, but by golly has she got learning stamina.

Learning a new skill in middle age is almost always really difficult and most of us shy away from it. We say we “can’t” and what we really mean is we are afraid of all that hard work. We are afraid of the feeling of having tried really really hard and not got very far. It’s horrible feeling. I feel it with foreign languages. I never did learn one properly.

But this knitting-challenged friend of mine is my inspiration this week. I am getting back in the saddle with learning things that are difficult for me, dammit. I’m going to get comfy with that feeling of perpetual-near-failure at languages or plumbing or any of the other things I’m finding challenging right now and I’m going to persevere.

And when I’m tired of that feeling, I’ll sit and watch bbc documentaries and knit something.

my latest knitting adventure