Mosaic Beginnings

So when I was last at my mother’s house in Vermont, I was rifling through her things, as I am wont to do, and I found the most beautiful, amazing cast glass pie dish in the world, which I had never seen before, but which apparently is a family heriloom, having belonged to my great grandmother.

It had a truly fabulous texture-pattern, hard to discern in detail, but I figured a rubbing would give me a good place to start if I ever wanted to do anything with it.

Later, as I was contemplating what sort of giant, circular mosaic to do with the big area in front of the front windows, I came across the rubbing and had a sort of clouds-parting-angels-singing moment. So I scanned the rubbing and started to develop it with a black pen. Here’s where I got to:

I’ll probably put something interesting in the middle, not quite sure what yet. There’s also a border to go round the outside, that was on the sides of the pie dish. So there’s work to be done on the design, and more work than I want to think about on the actual mosaic. It will take many, many back-breaking weeks to make. But it will be pretty spectacular.