Many Projects Starting At Once

Ok, I’ve got the knitting of a sweater, the making of a tweed 3-piece suit and an Elizabethan dress all starting up in the last week. This doesn’t make for tidy blogging but I will probably just rely on tags for people wanting to follow progress on one thing and not ALL THE THINGS. And I will probably put together a proper documentary post on at least the suit and the dress when they’re done.

Meanwhile, here are a few pictures of each thing to get us all in the mood:

Above, sweater progress. Need to watch more tv.

Below, suit progress. Mainly cutting out and overlocking pieces so far. Will hopefully get the trousers constructed in one day and get started on the Jacket. Have yet to draft the waistcoat pattern from an existing garment.

And now, the Elizabethan dress. I am very excited about this. I have been given a brief and a few resource pictures by my boss at the costume shop and a pile of fabrics that have been languishing in the hamper for god knows how long. Now I get to Make Shit Up. I love this more than anything. Cartridge pleats… stomachers… starched neck ruffs. I’m like a pig in shit.

So watch this space, or like me on the various social media options and there will be more soon!