Shirt Course a Success!

Well, we certainly did it. Four people turned up for my first Shirt In A Day course, and although it took a lot longer than I thought (first person finished at 7pm, last person at 9:30) I am definitely calling it a success. I will just bill it as the Shirt In A Day CHALLENGE next time and see it coming that I’m going to give┬ápeople dinner!

The room, all set up with cutting mats and cutters, everyone’s patterns that I was worried about but that worked out fine.

And then everyone turned up and the fun began!

Most people had not experienced the wonder of a rolly cutter on a cutting mat before. Life changing.

So much faster and easier than scissors. Shout out to my ex husband for teaching me that trick.

Most of the participants had a fair amount of basic sewing skill and could do stuff like iron on interfacing without too much trouble. Only put it the wrong way up once!

Everyone got really into it, it was quite exhilarating to see people so engrossed.

Jack loved the pile of wooly scraps on the heated bench. Quel surprise.

And then it was done! Albeit later than I had anticipated. But the results were stunning. Rae did the most amazing pattern matching.

Ryan’s awesome wooly outdoor shirt will be so toasty.

And Steven’s chic, stylish and bold twist on the classic white shirt is going to look amazing under his tweed suit (watch this space).

Carol had to go to a party (life is hard) and didn’t have time to finish hers, so I’ll do that and post some pictures of it later.

So there you have it. It was such a great experience and I’ll definitely be doing it again. In fact, half price tuition to whoever gets back to me first with their preferred date!