This sweater I just finished would have earned me my knitting black belt if I hadn’t been aiming for it to fit me (chest measurement 42″) and accidentally made it fit my partner (chest 34″) but at least I get to look at it forever!

It took me many months, lost count, but I’m feeling pretty smug, I’ll be honest, just for having figured it out. It was based on a sweater I bought at Gap in about 1998, that I loved so much and wore so much that it’s amazing it lasted the 20 years it did, but it’s on its way out, so I decided to copy it.

The original was knitted in panels and sewn together, but I find that messy, faffy and ugly, so I did it in the round. And I had to learn to scale up the cable pattern because I could only find it online for two-stitch wide cables, and I needed it for four. Me and some square paper and a glass of wine got to grips with it though.

I even managed the funky shoulder detail. Now all I need to do is knit it all again with bigger needles so that I can wear one.