That Couched Cording Thing…

…from an earlier post? This is how it came out.

The piece was born out of an overabundance of white fabric that came in the form of a costume that was used in Royal Exchange’s Anna Karenina being passed on to Costume Hire, but not in a form we could really use. So I hacked it apart and started again, as is my specialty.

The bodice/jacket/top I drafted straight onto a dress dummy; since the item would be for hire to the general public, therefore not having a particular real person to fit, a generic shape would do.

The fluted front was inspired by a photo of a similar victorian garment in a book (we have so many great books there) and the couched cord work is just something I fancied doing.

My favourite bit, though, was taking the original 12 foot train from the Anna Karenina dress and making it into an outrageous bustle. I do so love an outrageous bustle.